Google reCAPTCHA V3

reCAPTCHA v3 returns a score for each request without user friction. The score is based on interactions with your site and enables you to take an appropriate action for your site.

Do you need our help installing the plugin for you, configuring it, changing layout & views to better fit your store?



  • no user friction
  • not affect conversion 
  • compatible with any form
  • multi-store
  • theme compatible

The Google reCAPTCHA V3 overrides the default nopCommerce reCAPTCHA and remove any user friction from your store. Using the reCAPTCHA V3, users don't need to type words, select cars, hydrants, traffic lights or confirm their are no robots. Everything is processed automaticaly by rePACTCHA V3 algorihitm. The background validation stills working and makes your store even more secure. reCAPTCHA v3 will never interrupt your users, so you can run it whenever you like without affecting conversion. 

Install Instructions

  1. install the plugin

  2. edit the file \Views\_ViewImports.cshtml

  3. add the code bellow after the line @addTagHelper *, MiniProfiler.AspNetCore.Mvc
    • @addTagHelper *, Nop.World.Widgets.RecaptchaV3
  4. refer the file \Widgets.RecaptchaV3\Views\Sample\_ViewImports.cshtml for an example

  5. go to reCAPTCHA admin page and create a new reCAPTCHA v3 site

  6. copy both generated keys and replace default nopCommerce reCAPTCHA keys (Configuration > Settings > General Settings) with new keys

  7. enable the plugin and done.


See the reCAPTCHA V3 Plugin in action on our demo store

No more user friction and your store even more secure now.


nopCommerce Version 4.10
nopCommerce Version 4.20
  • 2019/04/16 - Version 1.00, nopCommerce 4.10 compatible.

  • 2019/07/10 - Version 1.01, minor bugs fixed.
  • 2019/11/15 - nopCommerce 4.20 compatible.