Blog Products

Even more relevancy to your blog. Add products to your texts and increase your sales now.

Do you need our help installing the plugin for you, configuring it, changing layout & views to better fit your store?



  • simple and easy token system
  • conditions compatible
  • higher blog post relevancy
  • increase your blog conversion rate


Now you can add products inside your blog posts and make them better and better. You can add any product you want, where you want simply by using the nopCommerce tokens system as you do with your message templates. And you can use condidtions as well. Increase your sales and your blog relevancy by showing your customers exactly what they need to buy while they are reading your blog.

Adding a new token is very easy, just add any word as a token, choose any product to display and choose the product view to be used.


Then, go to your blog post and insert the token created anywhere within the post body and voilà.

The products will be displayed in your blog post.


You can easy create and edit the product view to be used and make your product fit perfectly where you need it.

Create professional, high relevancy and high conversion rate blog post by adding products to your texts.

nopCommerce Version 4.10
  • 2019/04/01 - Version 1.00, nopCommerce 4.1 compatible.