Lock your store admin area with this incredible plugin. Protect your website against hackers and intruder attacks! Add two-factor authentication security now!

Do you need our help installing the plugin for you, configuring it, changing layout & views to better fit your store?



  • adds two-factor authentication for your store
  • compatible with Authy, Google Authenticator and E-mail tokens
  • protect every admin user
  • localization compatible



Increase your store security now! See how simple it is with this awesome plugin. 


After you install and enable the plugin, go to the Customers menu and edit any customer with admin privilege. You will see the Authy 2FA tab, where you can enable or disable the two-factor authentication for that customer. It is very simple to enable it, just follow the steps on the configuration tab. You can enable it by e-mail or app.


You can also enable the two-factor authentication by the app, it is faster and even more secure once. After install the app, just scan the QR-code and enter the validation code to enable it.


After you enable it, any time you logout and login using your admin credentials, under any admin page, the plugin you ask for your validation code. You can select the "Remember me" option and the plugin will not ask for the code again, except if you logout. 

Start increasing your security right now, your admin data, orders and customer are priceless. Protect your store.

nopCommerce Version 4.10
  • 2019/03/01 - Version 1.00, nopCommerce 4.1 compatible.